Die board plywood


This plywood is widely used in production of die cutting (or dies) in packaging and printing industry.

Russian birch plywood is very strong and holds metal knives and other special tools in dies for very long time.

Type of glue:

  • Interior plywood for all variants of machining of dies.
  • Exterior plywood for jig milling machining of dies.

Special features:

  1. This plywood is very flat
  2. Thickness calibration is +/- 0,3 mm

Grades: Usual face grades of dieboard are BB/BB and BB/CP (see GOST 3916.1-96).

We supply this plywood for jig sawing and for laser cutting.

Sizes available:

  • 1525*1525 mm (5'*5')
  • 1525*1220 mm (5'*4')
  • 2440*1220 mm (8'*4')

Thickness is from 6 up to 21 mm under customer specifications.